Schlieren Imaging

Schlieren images of fuel injections – a report

The following sequence of Schlieren images was produced in cooperation with LTT Erlangen from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Our aim was to improve and optimize the visual results by adjusting our self-made Schlieren optics and by training the handling of synchronized high-speed cameras. Using two Photron Fastcam SA-Z and two Cavitar Cavilux HF illumination lasers we have obtained impressing recordings. The optical set-up allowed to produce Schlieren and Mie images simultaneously.

Once again, our self-made Schlieren installation has proved itself to be an excellent investment for the future. This way, we are now able to provide our own products and deep technical expertise on the growing market of Schlieren images. On this occasion we would like to thank Mr. Weiß from LTT Erlangen again. We look forward to further successful cooperation.

Possible applications:
– shock waves
– bellistics
– wind channel
– flow visualization
– engine development
– thermo dynamics

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